Cat Vaccination Reboost Offer 2018

Cat Reboost 18
Due to the hot Summer we are expecting a surge in fleas and ticks in the Autumn. (Lungworm is a new and increasing threat). Oncoming Winter will bring the usual viruses and bugs.
Controlling parasites and regular vaccinations keep pets from a huge number of nasty diseases.
If due dates have slipped by, you can avail of our all inclusive “reboost” programme this Autumn.
You can have your cat back on track and be fully protected against fleas, ticks, worms as well as the common viruses and bacteria.
1. Specially discounted vaccination programmme includes feline leukaemia (includes health check and second booster)
2. Full worming/Deflea/Tick course for 8 months now (15% off normal price*)

*Price includes two clinical examinations pre-vaccination, annual vaccination with booster after 3 weeks and supply of anti-parasitic treatment for 8 months. Offer ends Feb 28th 2019. Contact the office for further details.

Your cat gets fully protected against all the major core diseases for 8 months and they’ll be ahead of the expected autumn surge in insects and ticks.

Total Overall saving Cat 2 – 4kg € 15.78                                  Cat 4-8kg € 17.35