Neutering your pet

Are you considering whether or not to neuter your pet? If your dog is over 6 months of age or your cat is over 5 months of age, he/she can be neutered.

Neutering can help to reduce the number of unwanted pets. It has benefits for dogs, cats and for other small animals, such as rabbits.

We recommend that all dogs are neutered, unless your dog is to be used for breeding. Neutering of cats we also recommend for preventing unwanted litters.

What is it?

Neutering refers to male and female animals, or, we say that females are spayed, which means the womb and ovaries are removed, and males are castrated, which means the testicles are removed. In male dogs and cats, neutering can reduce behaviours such as urine marking and roaming.

Operations are straightforward when the animal is otherwise healthy. It is done under general anaesthetic and animals usually recover quickly.

Please get in touch with us in Glanmire or Cobh if you wish to discuss any worries or queries you may have about neutering your pet.


Neutering prevents unwanted puppies and hormone-related problems. Male dogs can suffer from testicular tumors and prostate problems, which castration at a young age also prevents. Female dogs neutered before their first heat are 99.9% less likely to develop mammary tumors.


Your cat can be neutered from five months of age. Non-castrated tomcats can spread disease by roaming and fighting. Non-neutered males will also spray urine regularly in the house.


There are many different breeds and varieties of rabbit and the biology and behaviour of pet rabbits is similar to that of wild rabbits. We recommend neutering, unless you are planning to breed rabbits. Please get in touch to discuss a neutering operation for your rabbit.

Other pets

Do you have a budgie or cockatiel, guinea pig or hamster? Each animal has a different biology and neutering might not be needed. Please get in touch to discuss your pet and we will let you know if neutering is recommended.