New law on Microchipping 2015

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What to do if you dog is already microchipped?

In the republic of Ireland from31st March 2016 it will be compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped. You will also be required to have a certificate from a government approved database such as Fido or Animark to prove that your dog is microchipped and registered. THIS CERTIFICATE CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED FROM THESE DATABASES AND NOT FROM THE VETERINARY SURGEONS WHO MICROCHIPPED YOUR DOG. For those registered with Fido, there were forms being delivered today via An Post, that you need to complete and return to receive your certificate. Please also enter your pet’s name on the form. If you are registered with another database please contact them directly. If you dont know your pet’s microchip number please feel free to drop into any of our clinic where we will scan your pet for free and explain what needs to be done.

You can also use the following website to check if your chip is registered and to submit a request to the NCM Service to apply for your Dog implantation Certification


Please note it is now a requirement under the new legislation to bring photo ID and a utility bill as proof of address when you bring your Pet for microchipping. We will unfortunately be unable to chip your Pet without them.We charge €20 which includes the new certification.