Pet Insurance

We strongly advise you have your pet insured. We advise that you continue to have your pet insured for all his/her lifetime. It will give you peace of mind knowing that if your pet does unfortunately need veterinary attention at some stage, that he/she can receive the very best treatment. Your insurance will cover all your veterinary fees incurred for any illness or injuries, less an excess*, up to a maximum amount per policy year. This maximum amount differs between policies but is in the order of several thousand euros.

*excess payable is the amount you must pay per condition per policy-year before your insurance takes over.

When should I get insurance?

You should take out insurance for your pet as soon as you get your new kitten or puppy to ensure there are no ‘pre-existing conditions’ that will not be covered later in life. However it’s never too late to have your pet insured – just because they are healthy now, doesn’t mean they won’t have an illness or injury tomorrow. Be aware that no insurance company provides cover for conditions that were in existence before you take out your policy – these conditions are ‘pre-existing’. For example, if your pet has diabetes, you will not be covered for this should you take out a policy after the diagnosis. You will however be covered for everything else. However ‘pre-existing conditions’ are also conditions that you may not be fully aware of but which the vet had noted at a vaccination visit for example, such as you mentioning that your pet was lame, or coughing. Also if your pet had even one visit for diarrhoea or itching as a kitten or puppy, and even if it got better very quickly, it is possible this will be seen as a pre-existing condition and will not be covered. Therefore, it really is best to take out your pet insurance as soon as possible. If you are taking out a policy on an adult pet, come to us first, as it is often wise to include a full clinical history, which we will supply you with free of charge, when applying for pet insurance. This will also help you to be clear on what is covered and what is not covered.

What is NOT covered by pet insurance?

All policies differ in some ways but in general, your pet insurance will not cover:

  • Any ILLNESS occurring within 2 weeks of the inception date of the policy (injuries are covered in full immediately after inception)
  • Fees for routine procedures such as neutering, worm/flea treatment or vaccinations
  • Cost of foods, even those recommended by us for aiding the treatment of a condition, except specific foods used to dissolve kidney/bladder stones
  • Fees incurred for illness or injuries which occurred or were present prior to the inception of the policy (including a condition which occurred but resolved before inception, but which recurred after inception)
  • Fees incurred for treating illnesses that can be prevented by vaccination should your vaccines not be up to date
  • Treatment for dental or gum disease is, under some circumstances, covered by Allianz, but is definitely not covered if your pet does not have annual check-ups.