Friends - Pets at Cashman and O'Driscoll Vets, Glanmire, Cork

Have you recently got a new puppy, kitten or rabbit? Congratulations! Or, you many have an older pet with health issues.

We are your local veterinary practice and we are here to help you manage your pet's health, so you can enjoy happy and healthy times together.

We are a full service veterinary practice and in 2000 we achieved Companion Animal Hospital accreditation from the Veterinary Council of Ireland. This means we have the complete range of veterinary services and facilities needed to diagnose and treat all conditions in companion animals. We work to provide your pet with the best treatment, care and service possible.

We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure! Regular preventative treatments like vaccinations, neutering and dentistry will help to keep your pet healthy.

Services for your Pet

  • Health Checks
  • Medicine, including surgery
  • On-site diagnostics and pathology
  • Emergency Care
  • Behavioural Training
  • Nutrition supplies
  • Vaccinations
  • Neutering
  • Pet passports

Puppies, Kittens and young Rabbits

Rabbit - Pets at Cashman and O'Driscoll Vets, Glanmire, Cork

A routine health check is recommended at six weeks of age. For most pets this involves a clinical examination and general health check which is recorded in detail.

We will explain on this visit what routine vaccinations and worming programmes are needed for your pet.

Puppy Parties

Boxer Pup - Pets at Cashman and O'Driscoll Vets, Glanmire, Cork

A well-socialised dog reduces many of the 'problem' dog behaviours you read about. Once vaccinated, you can bring your puppy along to our Puppy Parties. These are held once each week for four weeks in the afternoons and will introduce your dog to 'dog etiquette', which helps to train your dog into good behaviour habits. Ask the vet during vaccination or book a place for your puppy at reception.

Older Pets Different breeds and ages have different healthcare needs. You can increase the lifespan and quality of life of your pet by monitoring to prevent or delay many of the old age problems associated with teeth, heart, joints, kidney and tumours. Our computerised system can record each patient's need for check-ups, health monitoring or medication. We can send reminders by text, e-mail or post, whichever you prefer.

How can we help you?

We are always happy to advise you about all aspects of your pets' needs. When you visit, be sure to raise any concerns you have about your pet's health and behaviour.

We make every effort to create an environment that is professional yet friendly, and we understand the special bond between you and your pet.

Call today to make an appointment with your vet.