Services and Facilities

Our Office

You want and expect the best care for your pet and/or large animals. Our farm animal practice and clinics operate to the highest standards.

Our Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital is accredited by the Veterinary Council of Ireland since 2007. This classification requires the use of the highest possible specification of diagnostic, treatment and animal management options.

The hospital has up to date medical equipment and care facilities and is designed for easy flow of patients during treatment. We strive to ensure that your pet will receive the highest standard of care while in hospital and we will keep you informed of treatments and progress at all times.

Veterinary Hospital Waiting Room

For our Waiting Room we allocated as much space as possible to this room …as much space as possible to this room so that the nervous, the shy and the more boisterous could co-exist while they awaited the unknown. It also gives you the owner and your pet some breathing space.

Once you register at reception and settle in, please feel free to browse the information leaflets or see updates on our notice board of practice news items and local pet news.

Our aim is to keep your (hopefully) short sojourn here as interesting as possible. Who knows – you may find a new friend in the 'good home wanted' section!

Let us know if you have any particular concerns – we have lots of options to help.

The Consultation Room

Our Consultation Room is where we meet you and examine your pet. Most pets decide quickly what they think of us vets! We do everything we can to reduce their anxiety, and yours, as much as possible.

The Consultation Room is where the routine check-ups and vaccinations are carried out. It is also where the unwell are given their first clinical exam and treated where there are no further tests of procedures to be carried out.

The General Procedure Room

X-Ray Machine

The General Procedure Room or 'GP' room is where the non-sterile examinations and procedures are carried out. On any given day, you could see patients undergoing Ultra-sound examinations, dentals, or being prepared for anaesthesia in this area. The X-ray machine is in a special room off the GP area for human and animal health and safety reasons.

Your pet will receive the highest standard of care while in hospital and we will keep you informed as needed at all times.

The Operating Theatre

Operations are performed in the Operating Theatre under sterile conditions and monitored constantly by machine and by our qualified and experienced nursing staff. We use gaseous anaesthesia for patient safety and speed of recovery. All surgical patients are given pre and post-op painkillers, which benefit patient recovery.

Laboratory Facilities

Our Laboratory has a range of equipment which allows us to carry out a range of tests on blood, urine and skin. This means that we can provide results where we need answers quickly, or need to monitor patient progress, including over weekends. We also use a recognised external veterinary diagnostic laboratory for the more specialised tests that some patients may require.

Kennelling facilities

We understand how worrying it can be leaving your pet in the hospital and we do all we can to make it as easy and stress free experience as possible. We have large four foot X four foot holding kennels with controlled heating and ventilation. Each kennel has padded beds and warm vet beds. Your pet is kept as comfortable as possible throughout his/her stay.

The Isolation Room

The Isolation Room is for pets that need intensive care and some extra TLC and is away from the kennel room. It has special heat pads for each kennel, and the kennels can also be used for intensive treatment including oxygen and fluid administration.


You are welcome to view our facilities before your pet's surgery. Please phone 021 4821243 to arrange a convenient time.